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Jenkins Street School Small Heath


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This was an early board school. British History Online describes it as:

JENKINS STREET COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL. See Goodwin Cty. Primary Sch. GOODWIN COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL, Jenkins Street, Small Heath.(27) Jenkins St. Bd. Sch. opened 1873,(22) by Birm. Sch. Bd. Accom. 953 B, G, I.(21) Fees 2d.–3d.(22) I dept. enlarged 1874.(21) In 1879 this sch. and Moseley Rd. Bd. Sch. had senior divisions with special provision for higher classes.(23) Enlarged 1898 and 1906. Accom. for 150 in Salvation Army Barracks 1911–12, and in Conference Hall, Jenkins St., 1912–13, pending opening of St. Benedict's Rd. Council Sch. Bd. of Ed. demanded improvements in premises 1912. Altered and reorganized 1931 for SB, I. I dept. closed 1936. Largely demolished by enemy action 1940, and sch. housed at Men's Institute, Jenkins St., until closed 1941. Practical block repaired 1949 and used by Oakley Rd. Cty. Primary Sch.(21) Remainder repaired and enlarged 1950, and sch. reopened 1953 for JI. Name changed 1955, and accom. in Small Heath Baptist Church provided. Accom. 1961: 10 classrooms, hall.(28)

Newspaper cutting from https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/
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Hi all. I remember Jenkins St school as an adventure playground after the war ,we would get in through one of the smashed windows and climb over all the rubble and broken desks, on reflection we were lucky to get away with it as some of lnterior walls were very dodgy. My younger sisters went there after the rebuild although I myself went to Oakley Road school
I remember there was a Blacksmiths dead opposite Jenkins St school and we would spend many a happy hour watching the horse's being shoed and having a warm in the winter.
Regards Acklam19