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JELFS,, Arthur S, RAF Bomb Aimer kia 1943

John Young

master brummie
A commemorative remembrance society in Giessenland (Holland) is looking for a Photo RAF or Civvy for Arthur kia shot down on their patch 1943, any Jelfs &/or relatives (by marriage etc)get the old photos out & check Ok.
Arthur born 1914 B,ham son of James Jelfs & Jessie (Fanny) Taylor & husband of Clare Cook married 1937 K-Norton
any further info or leads to others (Family/Friends, ex RAF Bomber Command)please contact John Y, thanks to all.


gone but not forgotten
Hi John
I have just been reading your request regarding Arthur Jelf from Aston he was my grand father's Brother
And one or two of his brothers and my grand mother are connected to the kings Norton district
If you would like to contact me off line I would be Happy to discuss it further I have a picture of the brothers together
Look forward to hearing from you Astonian,,,,,Alan,,,,,,,,

John Young

master brummie
Hi Astonian (Alan) thanks for your response & I shall contact you off line this weekend,

Also thanks to Old Boy (Chris) for messaged assistance & added information in this quest,

My family connection via my Gt Uncle Ernest Young & wife Elsie E Jelfs (Arthurs sister)

thanks & regards John Y
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John Young

master brummie
Hi Alan ( Astonian )

In regard to your earlier post mentioning a Photo of Arthur & his brother,, I have sent you a message

but you are most welcome to reply on line if easier, , Again many thanks, , John Y

John Young

master brummie
Astonian (Alan ),

Please reply to Post & / or message(s) sent re "Photo" of Arthur Jelfs & Brother, Thanks John

Any other members with info / photo(s) as described in 1st posting are most welcome to respond, Thanks John


gone but not forgotten
HI John
I Am very sorry to have kept you waiting for a replyonly i have been in hospital for a while as i have ben dianosed with cancer and i came home two days ago
so if you can bear with me i will get my son to mooch through the loft to get my pics and info out for you as soon as i can get them sorted i will of due incourse forward you a copy to keep
i hve also had a request from another cousin whomis a arthers brother son whom never had any pics of the brothers who i have to send to as he as never met nor seen any of them growing up
for the moment best wishes John ALAN,, Astonian,,,,,

John Young

master brummie
Hello again Alan (Astonian) & thanks for your most welcomed post,,

No apology required for time elapsed & I wish you improvements in your present health circumstances,

Hope your son gets a bit of time to "mooch" through your loft & no doubt a treasure trove of photos &

Contact me anytime ( on my previous private msg'd details ) As I can collect anywhere (within 100 mile of Brum
hopefully ) or pop in post if you prefer. My best wishes for your Health& my thanks for your help re Arthur Jelfs,
Cheers m8 John

Any other folks with "Jelfs" Family (Tree) interests are most welcome to contact,, Thanks John Y (Solihull)


gone but not forgotten
Also to had a message to you my son is coming up this sunday so i will get him into the lofts
and try and dig out the picts for you i say the words lofts, because i have to in my house
may i say and add i have had contact from the hollond society as well
best wishes John , Alan,, Astonian,,,,,,

John Young

master brummie
Hi Alan ( Astonian ) thanks for your reply & good luck to your son in double loft searches,

Hopefully the Photo(s) of Arthur Jelfs & brother will turn up& I can collect to pass on to the

Commemoration Foundation in Giessenlanden ( Nr Rotterdam ) Netherlands.

Your name will be mentioned with copies of Photo(s) on display in the Museum local to Aircraft crashed site.

Thanks & best regards John