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James Turner, Owner Of House In Winson Green Road


master brummie
Hi all

I have found the name James Turner as being the owner of a dwelling my family rented in Winson Green Road in 1913.

It came as quite a surprise as I have heard of James Turner Street and I have heard of the programme associated with the street, but I haven't watched it.

I have looked up James Turner and I can't see any reference to him being a landlord.

What or where is the best site to learn more about James Turner and is it likely to be the same person who was the landlord of the property.


master brummie
Hi Kat - I can't post links at the moment but if you Google "James Turner Street" I found some info about the name of the street. I clicked on Benefits Street and i think I ended up on Wikipedia


master brummie
Good morning Lyn - thanks. I was on my phone and can't paste links from there! It doesn't tell Kat who the landlord was but does help with the street name.


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This is posted in the GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD. I hav emoved it to the correct thread which can be found form the search box, and gives some information