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James Gardner & Family - 1861 Census Lookup


master brummie
I would be grateful for some help in finding the family of James Gardner in the 1861 Census.

The information I have so far is:
James GARDNER (b c1840/1841 Dunchurch/Thurlaston/Daventry [shoe maker/finisher, boot finisher]
Sp: Amelia __________ (b c1843 B’ham, d 1927 B’ham)​
Emila Jane GARDNER (b 21 Aug 1860
George Henry GARDNER (b 1863 B’ham, d 1901 Northampton) [shoe finisher, foreman boot finishing]
Sp: Martha Shepherd/Sheppard (b c1862/1863 Chester
Sp: Amy ______________ (b c1871 London
James GARDNER (b 1865 B’ham
William H GARDNER (b c1867 Leicester
Elizabeth GARDNER (b c1869 B’ham
John/Jack GARDNER (b 1871 Daventry
Thomas GARDNER (b 1877 B’ham [barrel polisher]
Annie GARDNER (b c1879 B’ham
Ada GARDNER (b c1880 B’ham [japanner]
Jane GARDNER (b 1881 B’ham [japanner]
Harry GARDNER (b 1883 B’ham [boot finisher]

In various censuses, James is stated to have been born in Daventry, Dunchurch & Thurlaston. He, wife Amelia & family then seem to move around the Midlands a bit - in 1865 they are in Birmingham, circa 1867 in Leicester, 1869 back in Birmingham, 1871 in Daventry, & back in Birmingham from 1877 onwards.

The family sometimes appears with the surname Garner rather than Gardner (eg in 1865 & 1869 baptism registers of some of their children) & also Gardener.

I would also be pleased for some help with regard to first child Emila Jane Gardner. According to a parish register for St Thomas, B’ham on 26 Feb 1865, she was born 21 Aug 1860 but where is not known. I would therefore expect her to appear in the 1861 Census with her parents James & Amelia (but I can’t find any of them!) &, as she was baptised in 1865, she must have been alive until at least then. She doesn’t however appear with the family in the 1871 Census (when she would have been aged 10), so perhaps she died between 1865 & 1871.

Her name “Emila” in the parish baptism register seems a bit strange. I wonder if she was actually named Amelia (after her mother) or maybe Emily?

Another puzzle relates to the birth dates of Annie & Ada. The Jun 1883 baptism of Ada gives a birth date of 16 Jun 1879 whereas the baptism a month later of Annie gives a birth date of 16 Nov 1879. I don’t see how mother Amelia could have given birth five months apart! Any ideas?

Any help greatly appreciated.


master brummie
There is a marriage listed on family search for a James Gardener and an Amelia Tysall, 1 Nov 1862 at St Martin...


...so first thoughts would be that Emila Jane might very well be illegitimate and possibly not registered. And obviously if the marriage proves to be correct then that would be why they're not on the 1861 census.

And coincidently it seems Amelia's brother, John Tysall, has a daughter named Emily Jane also.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Amelia Tysall is listed as Partridge in 1861 as when her father John Tysall died her mother Jane married Joseph Partridge
There is a 6 months old Emma in the census but stated as daughter of Joseph and Jane


master brummie
And they're listed as Betridge on findmypast.

With the births of the younger daughters I would say that birthdate is a mistake for one of them (probably Annie) as from the censuses it looks like she was born 1876/1877. Also for Thomas also, which could be 1875/1876.

Also it looks like that Amelia's brother John is living with his grandmother (Elizabeth Watson) in 1871 which points to a marriage between a John Tysall and a Jane Watson in 1835...


...and a possible baptism for Jane...


...though Watson is a common name.


master brummie
There is a birth registered for an Emily Jane Tyson in B'ham Sep qtr of 1860 (which ties in with the dob). I can't find any other reference to her, so she could be a possibility.


master brummie
Thanks Alberta & MWS.

FMP has a death & burial of an Emily Tysall Gardner in 1865. The deaths register entry is Q2 1865, Birmingham, volume 6d, page 101. The burial entry refers to Witton Cemetery, Birmingham with a registry reference 9400 (the record set is described as "Warwickshire, Birmingham Burials, 1833-2010"). I wonder if there is a parish burial register image available which might reveal more (eg her age, residence)? Would the middle name "Tysall" & surname Gardner suggest that she was indeed the illegitimate daughter of James Gardner & Amelia (maiden name Tysall)?

In the image of the 1861 Census entry for the Partridges at Sheepcote Street, might the fact that child Emma Partridge appears below the lodger, separated from the other children, suggest that she was indeed the illegitimate daughter of Amelia, rather than the daughter of head Joseph Partridge & his wife Jane? Were illegitimate children often "separated" out in this way on census returns?

I'm still puzzled as to where James is in the 1861 Census. When James married Amelia Tysall in 1862, he gave his address as Mill Street (must be Aston or Birmingham). Might that help in tracking him down in the 1861 Census? He doesn't seem to be with Amelia's family (Partridges) in the 1861 Census.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.


master brummie
If you order the death certificate, it will give further information. Assuming it is similar to modern ones then you might learn cause of death, place of death and person who registered the death. Parish burial records usually give the address of the person.

I don't think you can read anything into the name. It could mean that James is the father but it is also what sometimes happened when a man takes on his wife's children.

I haven't seen the census image but lots of strange things occur on the censuses for unknown reasons.

And it's not uncommon for people to be missed off a census and from you first message it seems James travelled around a bit. If it's possible you could search all the people on Mill St in 1861 to see if there's a likely candidate but though he was there in 1862, it doesn't mean he was there in 1861.


master brummie
Thanks MWS.

It occurs to me that Emila/Emily's baptism took place on 26 Feb 1865 & her death was registered Q2 in the same year, so she had died before July, therefore aged 4 years. Unless it was a sudden death (eg accident), she may have already been sick & close to death when she was baptised. How sad.