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James Crump 1854 for Oldbrit


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Hi, the only James Crump around that time born 1852
living at Rolfe Street Harborne in 1861
parents william Crump /Mary thompson

there is also one born 1858 who married Margaret Cartwright in 1878 they departed for New York in 1888 his parents John and Ann.
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OldBrit in Exile
That's the one I am sure, born in 1858 not 1854 James did marry Hagar Margaret Cartwright His Dad was James Crump born 8/16/1854 James did leave for New York then to Wallingford Connecticut. Can you find out what work this James Crump did His son my Great Uncle Herbert (Gus) sponsored me when I came over to the USA in 1957 They had the Crump Printing Co where I worked for a short time. James Crump the one in question, had eight children two, John H and Charles G born to them in the USA the other six born in Smethwick I think? MY Grandfather William J Crump born 8/5/1884 went over to the USA BUT did not like it there and returned to Smethwick and worked for at a carriage works by the M&B plant? the rest of his life. Had my Dad William J Crump born 1/24/1910 who had me Anthony J.W Crump Born 6/7/1933 (B/D coming up!) Thanks John (AJW) Crump Parker, Colorado USA


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Your family tree

James william Crump b 1884 Smethwick
son of
James Crump b. 1858 Smethwick (and Margaret Hagar Cartwright b 1861 Handsworth)
son of
John Crump b. 1821 Great Bridge (and Ann Bridge b. 1824 West Bromwich)

Marriage 29th October 1878 St. andrews , Bordesley.
James Crump age 20 father John Crump
Margaret Hagar Cartwright age 18 father Luke Cartwright

1881 Baldwin street, Harborne

James Crump age 23 b. Smethwick Coach Axle turner
Hagar margaret age 20 Handsworth
Margaret A age 2
George F age 1 month

they also had
John Henry 1882
James William 1884
Herbert Augustus 1886 all the children were baptised on the same day 29th January 1887 in Smethwick.

1871 Union street harborne

John Crump age 51 b. Gt. Bridge Forgeman at Iron works
Ann age 48 b. west Bromwich
william 27 b. Oldbury
Eliza 24 b. Smethwick
Clara 15 b. Smethwick
James 13 b. Smethwick
Thomas 10 b. Smethwick

1871 Watville Street Handsworth

Luke Cartwright age 43 b. Kinswinford
Adelaide age 39 , Kingswinford
Adelaide Amelia age 17,Kingswinford
Grantham Luke age 13,Kingswinford
Magaret Hagar age 10,Handsworth
Mary berths age 6 ,Handsworth
Eliza Beatrice age 2 ,Handsworth
Twins George frederick and Albert ernest age 6 months.

It would appear that most of the family came 'home'

1911, 166 Cheshire Road , Smethwick
James crump age 52 gas engine maker
Hagar M age 50
John H age 28 Press worker b. Smethwick
twins Adelaide age 22 and Catherine 22 both b 1889 Connecticut USA
Grantham Luke age 16 b. Connecticut.

also at 175 Cheshire Road

William James Crump age 26 Hydraulic Press worker (Railway carriages)
Beatrice alice age 28
William J H age 1
all born smethwick

Hope this is of interest. Alberta
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