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Jackson family on 1871 census

John Jackson

proper brummie kid
Jackson family on 1871 census, they ought to include William (b. 1817), Susannah (b.1820) and Millicent (b.1861). By 1881 Millicent is married to Thomas Legg and Mother in Law is named Legg too in error. I've yet to identify when William Jackson died so he may not be there in 1871. In 1861 they're in Aston: with Susanna 40, Alfred 23, Jane (D in L) 20, William 15, Julia 13, Elizabeth 11, Dan 4, William G’son 2, John G’son 5 mths, plus youngest daughter Millicent 1 month. William the father is described as a "grinder" at each census I've discovered.

Many thanks for any help given.


master brummie

In 1871 the address is Bishopsgate Street, Richmond Place Bham
William Jackson born 1810 Bham - Grinder
Susannah Jackson born 1817 Bham
Daniel Jackson born 1856 bham
Millicent Jackson born 1861 bham


John Jackson

proper brummie kid
Thanks again Suzanne - any ideas on the following? It seems William's gone by 1881 born somewhere between 1810 and 1817 dependant on sources (censuses) but can't be sure I've nailed him as a speculative ref Sept 1886 qtr, 6d 253 - aged 70 which might be about the right age. I've yet to buy Death Certs - what does anyone think?

John Jackson