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J R Gaunt of Birmingham


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But there was also a (presumably ) associated firm
Sale H. B. (Moulds) Itd. 'injection, compression & transfer moulds. Unit 11A , Wincaster Factory Estate, Aston Brook st 6. 021-359 4022. This was still going in 1973, but the Summer lane factory seems to have disappeared around 1971
My father worked here up to 1976- At HB Sale in Aston Brook St. do you know when the building was demolished ?


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The address given in 1940 and before is 9 Warstone Parade East and on the west side. In the map we see the rear of the works backing on to Pemberton Street.
As Pedrocuts post shows Gaunts address was Warstone Parade Works. About 1980 I had a small workshop in the Quarter and was doing some enamelling. A friend who was working on stripping out old premises prior to demolition invited me to go and look at an old factory that he was working on where there were pots of enamel lying about on the floor. I went out of curiosity and this must have been Gaunts, we definitely accessed it from Warstone Parade East. It presented then a sad and chaotic site, strewn with old tools, enamels, the brick-built foundations for stamping presses still in situ.