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daid rathgen

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I think it must be a Cheapside in a different town as the 1912 Kellys is as below, with William Watkins, grocer at 57, next to Birchall St

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I appreciate this extract from 1912 Kelly's as Edwin Withers in his 1888 Will bequeathed his property at 122 Cheapside to his sons, then "occupied by Thomas William Howe". By 1912 the street numbers have been amended to the current style, back in 1888 they must have had a sequential form of numbering.
Has anybody seen a Directory c1890 which might show Thomas William Howe at Number 122?
Any images of Cheapside near 122?
Thanks for your help


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The 1888,1890 and 1892 Kellys list George Holden , beer retailer, at no 122. The year is the publication year, and probably refers to the year before. Beer retailer can be a beerhouse, licensed to sell beer and cider only on the premises, or an off-licence.