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This sort of follows on from the discussion/demise of A B Fletcher.

I know about Nutters at the old Black & Decker site, but having sent them a message a week ago, I haven't had a reply.:rolleyes:

There used to be a place in [I think] Stratford Place that sold all sorts of nuts and bolts but I'm sure they are now long gone.

I can also remember [vaguely] a place towards the City end of Summer Lane that seemed to sell anything and everything. Far more interesting than any shopping centre or suchlike.:courage:

Has Ebay killed them all off?

Whilst I can find most things that I need on Ebay, at a price, I particularly need 0BA brass Hex Headed bolts 20mm or so in length. Must be brass.

I know we have a number of Engineers and car enthusiasts on here so, as the title asks, are there any old fashioned Ironmongers still in Brum?


The last one this way was Owens in Solihull but the last owner retired some months back. We used to have Pearson's locally but the guy got fed up with working all hours including Saturdays so closed. I am struggling to think of one but I do know a few places that supply screws and nuts and bolts in small numbers. There is also a Model Shop at Hobs Moat that may well have just what you are looking for.

Be back when I have the links.


Or - Bobs Models Ltd., 99, Hobs Moat Road in Solihull, Phone 1217423949

Or -
https://www.emkaysupplies.co.uk/ EMKAY "Suppliers of machine screws to model makers & engineers since 1989. BA BSW BSF UNC NF METRIC screws nuts bolts fasteners taps & dies Including small screws & fasteners for model making. All items are priced singly and no order is too small. There is no minimum order quantity or value".
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Jeffries in Acocks Green is something of an old fashioned Ironmongers, has little trays with odd nuts and bolts, metric and imperial, although imperial getting thin on the ground, sells parafin from a dispenser, not everything in vacuum packs, nice little shop, its opposite the library and worth a mouch if you are down that way


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I think the likes of Screwfix and Toolstation have taken the business from many traditional ironmongers, still remember the ever decreasing circles sketch where Martin Bryce wanted a six inch nail.


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There seem to be a lot of little hardware shops that cover most of the stuff that the smaller old ironmongers used to. At the other end of the scale there are the huge DIY barns like HomeBase that have a lot more space and sell everything prepacked. Of the medium sized places that aren't trade only, I can only think of Gregory Pank on Digbeth that seem to have a bigger stock than the usual corner shop variety. I had to look them up on street view to get any more information but their phone number should be 643 3008

dek carr

gone but not forgotten
Whites in Summer Lane well worth a visit not changed since I first went in there in the 50s.


I miss Suffields in Shirley and a similar shop that used to be in the Market Square Warwick. Once saw someone buy a drill there so fine the buyer had to wet his finger to pick it up.


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i think harry smiths at hockley hill has to be the oldest ironmongers in brum still trading and still run by the family...still there in the same buildings since 1824..if you go to the below thread there are some very old photos of it and also some i took of the inside last year..



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Some useful replies here. Thanks. I've got someone calling in at Nutters during the week so I may know more by the weekend.

Whites would have been the place I was thinking of. Didn't even think that it might still be trading.

Bob's Models. I well remember that place. Is Julia still running it? - Not the sort of outlet that I would consider for anything so large.

I've got a Trade Card for Screwfix, and use them quite frequently, but they are only interested in 'fast turnover' items. Can't blame them. It's their Business model and it seems to work. Similarly for the 'sheds', i.e. B&Q and Homebase. They are not out to supply any 'niche' markets.

It's easier to find a set of taps and dies than the finished component!
I've got the dies, and the taps. Has anyone any experience of running an 0BA die down a 6mm thread? The clamping force required is minimal. Just enough to retain a rubber sheet between two items of steel. I might try it myself in the next few days.:encouragement: I've got plenty of 6mm studding to practice on.:positive:


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Just remembered we used to use this place for fixings, back of houses on Oldknow Road Small Heath, haven't used them for years but as they are still trading might be worth giving them a ring
Blimey. That tested the memory cells. Knew it well. There was a driveway between Oldknow Road and Malmesbury Road with a building in between.

I followed the link and it seems they are still trading but, off Avenue Road, Nechells. I've given them a ring. Very friendly and helpful but, unable to assist. I'd certainly try them again for other requirements.

As for the Model Engineer sites, I've looked through many of them, Countrywide, and the largest they tend to start at is 2BA.

The search continues......:encouragement:

pete sword

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York Road Supplies Kings Heath still offers a decent service. Still serves paraffin from a pump, and a man what knows exactly where the thing you want is.

Pat Sattar-Jennings

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I used to go to York Road supplies quite a bit in the 70s - think it belonged to the Taylor (or was it Martin) family & I think next may have been the Taylors at number 25


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Reeves 2000 - Model Engineering Supplies
was very good. my dad made model locos. that was the only place that supplied bolts an nuts small enough.