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Inge street 1861


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I think it would have been no 12 . Yes, he is listed there as a glass bead & button maker in the PO directory of 1855, though George Bradley is there in the 1849 edition. However the Whites directory of 1855 lists Dudley as a baker & glass toy maker at 64 Edgbaston St, with William Dunkley (missprint?) ,baker,at 12 Inge St. You should remember that the dates are publication date, and the results are likely to refer to at least the year before, and this difference may differ between different firm's directory.
Dudley is not mentioned in the 1849 directory, In the 1858 Dix directory he is a glass toy maker, at court 5, Upper Windsor st; with his home at, 2, Coleman st, but by 1862 he has gone


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It looks like it was just number 12, next to the Barrell Tavern, and yes he did make glass beads (I have him as a glass toy maker) but he was baking in Inge St


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I thought I attached this, courtesy of Kieran at midland pubs (I hope that's allowed) it shows the Barrell Tavern and number 12 to the left past the alley


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@mikejee - thank you so much for this map. I have just found my 3x G grandfather on the 1861 census living with his first wife at Court 1 House 9, and thought it would be the other end of Inge Street from the NT Back to Backs. I find it amazing that although the house they were living in is long gone under the Hippodrome, that the view of the preserved back to backs is pretty much identical to what they would have seen every day as they emerged through the alleyway onto Inge Street.