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In the Garden Jan - Oct 2020

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master brummie
I have a few video’s but can’t edit them to post on forum. The cats can hear them 4am, so they have been climbing to get at them, any suggestion what can I do to the trunk of the tree, need to do something for next year. I am concerned when they fledge, they are so cute and tiny, but it’s nature.
My pond project is still ongoing. In three days I have put in 3 x 9 hour shifts in the garden. I got a bit burnt yesterday despite taking precautions so today I moved our patio umbrella around with me to stay in the shade whilst working. I had to have a slight change of plan. The Scottish Pebbles arrived by truck on Tuesday. Shifting these from the kerbside to the back takes lots of heavy buckets, several hours worth of lugging weight. The idea was to let the pebbles flow off the shelf into the bottom of the pond. I am keen to protect the liner from the UV of the sun. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of pebbles and would make the pond look smaller. Thankfully, I only did a small section and realised this early on. So, I have acquired some used engineering bricks with smooth edges to make an inner wall up to the shelf - then I have placed a layer of pebbles behind some blue stones I bought from ebay. Blinkin' 'eck, this project is something of a shrine to ebay purchases! The good news is that I could create some frog houses within the brickwork, enough for them all to have a winter home. I am almost there with this element - perhaps tomorrow! I have installed my Cape Hill half-barrel [another ebay purchase from a house in Walsall] with which I will create a water cascade onto the rocks beneath. So, not there yet but lots of progress!

Pond Barrel.jpg
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Smudger, #894
When we lived in Shropshire in the late 80's the farmers had the government sponsored set-a-side to reduce some of the EU food mountains. Within 3 years the set-a-side fields were full of docks, thistles, nettles & ragwort (which had control orders on it because of its toxicity to some animals) & it took 5 years of growing animal feed, rape & maize, to clear it. If you want to have a wild flower meadow you have to plant it otherwise the obnoxious ones take over.


master brummie
We Have a garden centre locally and they are falling over themselves with compost
It has taken me about 2 months to get dried mealworms. I could have got them had I paid 3 times more for a tiny packet. Our friends put them on their Tesco order for £2.50 for me. I risked and I mean that word, going in to B and Q it was a bunfight, at the OK Coral, scary, aggressive , no distancing, everybody up close and personal, they let any body in etc and they wanted £6 odd. !


master brummie
When we moved into a cottage years ago it was everywhere .It took about 3 years to get rid of it.The seeds came up every year,and everywhere
Stone and brickwork completed. Just need to fill it up [water will come up to lawn], fix up the water feature and plonk in my plants which are in buckets. Now need to complete terracing and tidy up the back of the garden which I have turned into a builder's yard during this project.

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