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In the garden 2022


master brummie
Maybe a grub shortage or something had them? Saw parents feeding 2 baby starlings today. Am getting what I think is the cock robin of the newer established pair tamer, as the starlings nab all the food but they are afraid of me so the robin comes if I stand guard. The pair who lost their chicks to the cat the cock especially was very tame. He had me as the bodyguard off to a tee.


master brummie
Nice! Here in BC Canada, Bird Flu popped up a few weeks ago, so our bird feeders have been emptied, washed and stored to reduce the spread to poultry.

Bears, skunks and rodents love the feed too, so cleanliness is a must!

I do like your globe feeder. We have squirrel resistant feeders, but some of the larger bird species can still empty the feeders rapidly. Your feeder would take care of that problem!


master brummie
A neighbour recently placed a nesting box by his back garden gate. Suprisingly to me, as the box faces south, birds have moved in.

This morning some crows were causing a commotion and I looked out of my window to see a siamese-like cat on the gate lintel above the box. The crows chased off the cat and all went quiet, no cat no crows.

The next minute a Great Spotted Woodpecker moved in and took advantage of the 'peg' sticking out of the box, (which the nesting birds don't use), and after nosing about feteched out a chick and flew off.

Some lessons to be learned about constructing and mounting nesting boxes I think!