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In the garden 2022


Kentish Brummie
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I suspect all your gardens are in bud early too. We have daffodils in bud and a rose that has not stopped flowering all winter so far. The lawn is very patchy and bald in places. Grass is long. Crocuses coming too.


master brummie
my grass has not stopped growing it does look rough. no daffs or snow drops yet.
No snowdrops here either. Lots of buds came on the forsythia in December. Lots of ash and branches and birch twigs came down last year, I tried using them plaited as holly wreath rings as the florists refused to sell me any more. I will try harder this year.


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i had 4 new and different bird feeders for christmas so i hung them up on the multi feeder i have and moved it further up the garden so i can get a better look at any birds thats visit....so far i have only had a squirrel trying his luck and a pigeon....hopefully i will get some other birds soon...fingers crossed



master brummie
Topped up the fat and peanut feeders. Then cleaned and filled seed feeder. As soon as I was in the house blue tits and sparrows arrived. Plus the standard pigeon. Mealworms and suet pellets on floor for robin and magpies - only a bit as don't want rats.
Thought I had something strange on fat feeder (it is half under some branches at the bottom of the garden and in dull light is hard to see clearly). When I used the binoculars and "it" moved I realised "it" was a "they". What I could see was two tails one each side of the feeder and the heads were hidden. Two sparrows I think.


master brummie
so i am not the only one then dave...maybe the birds will start coming back soon as snow is forecast sometime this week

I think we are lucky - as you know, Lyn, we are over the field from Moseley Bog and surrounded by lots of trees so I think the area attracts the birds. We don't get starlings but lots of blue, great and long-tailed tits plus sparrows by the load. There was a jenny-wren on the fence this morning but didn't see it feed. Blackbirds - more common in spring and summer but have seen them.
In the past we have had a woodpecker (they live in the trees on the green up the road - or did as I haven't seen them for a while). Also a nuthatch - but again not seen for a while.

Brummie a long time ago

master brummie
OK, so we are now a bit more south than a lot of you, and fairly isolated.

Haw / gold / green finches.
Greater spotted woodpecker.
Blue / great / long tailed / marsh tits.
Sparrow hawk, for whom the feeders are where lunch hangs out.
Pheasant, (with his wife).

We had two magpies with light chocolate plumage rather than the usual dark colour. Now only one shows up, after a pile of light coloured magpie feathers in the grass.

My wife is the bird enthusiast, but not at twitcher level, I can only distinguish small medium and large.

We have just been away for a month, and the birds took nearly 10 minutes to come back when the feeders were topped up. Normally they are parading on the window cill in the morning.


Richard Dye

master brummie
This is the pond next to our house. The geese seem to be always there.

Yesterday we had our third snow of 2022. We live in Franklin TN (well south of the Mason Dixon) and this weather is unheard of. We have lived here for 14 years and while we get some cold January days normal high temp 55f and a dusting of snow. Yesterday we had about 6" and was lucky enough to find the snow shovel we bought with us from NJ.