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In The Garden 2021


Ex-pat Brummie

It looks like you have nailed it. Thanks. :)


Ours are in a similar position against the low stone wall wall separating our property from the empty one next door. I guess we get rather more sun than you. General advice here is never to use fertiliser or manure on grapes, and no one ever lays irrigation pipes either. They die right down in the winter and then grow like mad in the spring & summer. Seems like one of those plants that are best left alone.

Maurice :cool:


master brummie

Our roses are almost all gone, partially through us being unable to spend enough time pruning, etc., due to health & other problems. However, we have several large yellow blooms at the moment. Of the 22 potted miniatures planted 16 years ago, only one white one remains and that is blooming its little heart out! :)

Maurice :cool:
The White Rose OF Athens? I just bought 3 new ones, one is called Angel Eyes a very open one, they will go in pots as the ground is a tangle of roots. The yellow roses always come out first.


master brummie
Was the yellow rose from Texas ?
No she is from Pengethley. What colour would you say the first rose is. Tishan? She is very very old. Sweet scented. The trio of Pengethley roses, the hand hand one is close cupped and a bit fragile the middle one is a shoot off the right hand one


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master brummie
I must say I continue to be most impressed by everyone’s garden.
I’m working hard on mine but not coming close to you all! My grass is very green and requires frequent cutting because of the heavy rains!
Congratulations to everyone, keep up the great work, makes for very enjoyable reading!