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In The Garden 2021


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Not very good with putting photos on here, so here is the story.
On Tuesday we heard 'tweeting' in our loft, Steve went up and he could see nothing, however the next morning it sounded nearer and when the loft door was opened a tiny sparrow with hardly any feathers dropped out.
We put him in a plastic basket and tried to feed him with a straw the shape as a beak, he would eat nothing and crouched in the corner, the next day, seeing him so scared we put him out on the garden table with a cover over the top of the basket within 10 minutes the mother came and fed him through the bars.
We cut a hole in the top of the basket and she went in and out all day for 4 days, yesterday he hopped out and fell on the lawn then went in hiding in the overgrown border, the mother still fed him all day.
Today he is fluttering about in bushes and still his mother finds him.:)
Soon he will fly and we shall feel like proud but sad grandparents, :broken_heart:

Clive F

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Lovely story that! It's nature and we do what we can. You couldn't have done more Alberta and you should be buoyed by the fact that the bird has a chance of making it into the big, wide bird world.


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We had a twittering last year on the flat kitchen roof, but no bird, to and fro, it was inside the roof. Which is sealed, a lifetime guarantee. Huh! We could only guess he got in from Barmy's rotten side as there is a gaping hole, and got in to ours somehow, which means we have a hole which is worrying. Our kitchen roof though wrongly made, donkeys years ago,slots under his outhouse.. But we are supposed to be sealed. Anyway it went on and on and the mother came but of course she couldn't find him. A blackbird. Then he was over our hall cupboard, another hole? I got the bathroom carpet up upstairs and looked through the floor but we couldn't see him. The Cupboard ceiling is plaster. Then the twittering and fluttering stopped and we got a bad smell but it went and we felt really sad. We have not seen a lot of babies this year, but the parents are feeding. I thought this one was a wren at first but it is a baby robin. We looked away and the parents came to fetch him.


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Our first rose, our second rose this year, Minnie is back, partner calls her Mimi and a baby blackbird in the 'herb garden'.


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Our roses are almost all gone, partially through us being unable to spend enough time pruning, etc., due to health & other problems. However, we have several large yellow blooms at the moment. Of the 22 potted miniatures planted 16 years ago, only one white one remains and that is blooming its little heart out! :)

Maurice :cool:


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Our secondmost common wildflower, the first being Oxalis in early spring (masses of yellow flowers). These flowers look like some sort of mallow and only grow to about two inches tall on spindly stems. Hence the wind today didn't result in a very sharp picture. Any ideas on this one?
Wild flower.JPG

It also looks as if it is going to be a good year for grapes. These end up being a rosé grape, seedless, sweet, and not very big:-
Grapes in progress.JPG

Maurice :cool: