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In the Garden 2020


Master Barmmie
Looking back through some old photos, came across some from the old Birmingham Flower Show, when it was held in Perry Barr Park. Not sure but sometime in the 1970s?

Does one of them show Midpubs doing a bit of night fishing?



master brummie
All these people that get flowers named after them I wonder who they are. Obviously King Alfred daffs, gran said they were the best and King Edwards spuds. Aaron's rod from the bible we have that or we will have. Joseph and Mary Adam and Eve just going over. But Esther Reed. Ena Harkness. and Nellie Moser. I wonder who Creeping Jenny was? A politician maybe. Hairy Mary, gran's name for teasel.


master brummie
Not in the garden, but behind the guttering of the house. Starlings built a nest and had chicks. Each time one of the parents returned with food, three
open beaks would appear above the guttering.

Today, one appeares to have fledged, so then there were two.

Except that the third kept coming back to the nest, joining the others, and expecting food. The Mother was having none of it. "Go find your own food!" :)

There were a couple of right ruddy scraps before it got the hint. At one point they were hanging with just one set of claws (too fast to work out which) hooked over the edge of the guttering, whilst they had a 'set to'.

"Tough Love.";)


master brummie
Think a lot of farmers will be Un Wilding when we leave the EU.

Theyre not going to get as much from our government as they got from the EU to let the field grow wild.They will have to grow to survive


master brummie
I bought 4 bags of compost online from Wickes & it was about a month for delivery! So yes, compost, toilet roll & plain flour seem to be the new gold measure

Thankfully, there is a little independent shop near me that sells all sorts of lovely plants as well as being a greengrocer. I bought some saxifrage from there last week & some dianthus today. Trying to build up a stock of slug resistant flowering plants as I have a lot of shrubs & not many flowers.
We Have a garden centre locally and they are falling over themselves with compost


master brummie
Williams,there are quite a lot of plants around that the slugs teeth cant bite into. Try Gerbera nice different colours from white through to deep red. Look up T&M


master brummie
Still no further water added as I am still placing my rocks on the upper shelf of the pond, along with the fact that I am awaiting a delivery of Scottish Pebbles. In the meantime, I cracked on with my terracing for which I acquired 500 rocks on good old e-bay with delivery included. They did need jet-washing - that took four hours on Friday. All have to be carried to the back of the garden. Bought a few plants from Shirley Aquatics using their click-and-collect service. I have some more in buckets awaiting planting in baskets. Anyway, things are starting to take shape ...

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Looking good Kieron , well done