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In memory of MoMo


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Staff member
It's the last day of the year and our special budgie MoMo didn't live to
see the New Year. He died suddenly today. He came to live with us last
year although we had looked after him many times before

You see, he was my daughters bird. Just over two years old. He came to live with us over a year ago just before Michelle and her husband moved to Tokyo. He was a little mischievous bird with so many tricks to show us. Sadly, he developed a tumor over a year ago and we knew one day it would take him. He was happy right up until last night flying around the living room and playing tricks on our bird Jellie, who is six years old. Today, he became out of breath and I made him comfortable. We will miss him very much and so will Jellie. We have decided not to tell Michelle and Toru about what has happened to MoMo quite yet, since her baby is due in a month and I know she would be very upset.

We all get attached to our pets and miss them when they leave us.


true brummie
my mom has two budgies which she adores. when an earlier one died over a year ago mom was absolutely distraught. we eventually bought her the second bird when she was ready.

budgies, like cats and dogs, have their own special personalities and give so much pleasure. hope you feel better soon because momo obviously had a great life :love:

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Jennyanne I am so sorry about Mo Mo your budgie. They can be quite cheeky little birds and become part of the family the same as any other of our pets. I remember several years ago a very elderly lady was having her hair done next to me and she was crying buckets when telling the girls her pet and friend had just died [her budgie]. She was finished before myself and when she left the shop the girls all burst out laughing taking the mickey. Hence to say I never set foot in their salon again. Wise not to let your daughter know until the baby is born. Jean.


master brummie
Jennyanne, So sorry your pet died today. I too had a budgie which my Dad had given me for my 16th birthday. I had Riki for four years and he used to do tricks which amused us greatly. He too had a tumour and my Mother sat up all night holding him until he died. I cried for about a week:cry: afterwards. I think you are wise not telling your daughter just yet. Regards, Anthea:)