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If The Entire World


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
:D Just a thought, or two...

If The Entire World

If the entire world were chocolate!
Then I’d be a Chocolate Nut,
a little sweet, a little hard but!
Oh so easily cut.

If the entire world were fruit juice!
Then I’d be Raspberry Glitter,
or maybe even an orange sparkle but!
Never a Lemon Bitter

If the entire world were custard!
Then I’d be Custard with pear,
One thing I know I’d never be!
And that's a Custard Square.

If the entire world were peaceful!
Oh what a world that would be,
no more need for guns, or soldiers
We’d live in harmony!


Robert Harrison

There is nothing like afternoon tea with time to talk afterwards.
Such a civilized meal.



Just looking at all the past work on the forum. a lot of great talent.
I just love this poem
Ya Mate