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Icknield St School


proper brummie kid
My ex boxed with Johnny at Icknield Street School. I went to school with Rosalind
Hi Carolina, Dad used to talk about his boxing and Icknield school everytime we drove past when he was ferrying me about. Sadly he passed away last month. He was a lovely man. It was lovely seeing a photo of him on here.


proper brummie kid
So sorry to hear that. I went to their house in the, 50s. Rosalind and I were at Harry lucas school
Thanks Carolina, Rosalind came to Dad’s funeral, I’ve not seen Dad’s sisters in years except Doreen who lives near my folks. Rosalind looked well.


proper brummie kid
Some of the Kids in my class in 1960 Icknield St School, can anyone add more?
Kieth Orderly, Robert Carr, ? Shaw, Pete Stringer, Les Hepard, Frank Amyes, Melvin Bird.


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Hi Carolina do you have the original of this picture so that I can get a decent copy done ?
Sorry No I dont. You could PM me with your email address and I can email this one to you so you could perhaps print a copy on photographic paper?


proper brummie kid
Hi Carolina I’ll pm my email, I sent a photo of my Dad away to be restored and the chap did a great job so I will get him to restore this for me too


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Click on the small envelope image at the top RH corner of the page. Then click on "start a new conversation, insert name of who you are sending it to , and then send

Martin Peacock

Brummie babby
I went Icknield st school, from 1964 to 1968, teachers then were Mr Urch ( Reggie Urch as he was known) Mr Mazimba, Mr Northedge ( a very strict and a cruel man) Jock Sheerer, Mr Fred Kitchen the headmaster, a great teacher and fisherman, he took me, Roy Hands, Graham Shaw and others fishing on his club waters....it was a chaotic school, with lots of ethnic problems, I remember one, an asian kid who joined our class who was later proven to be over 20 years old, beard and all, you have to laugh, but whilst it was ok as a school and we had lots of laughs, it has to be said it didn't do me much good educationally, but hey ho, sa la ve, I have nothing but fond memories of Icknield st and all my old mates , even with its total anarchy and lack of discipline, but it had an abundance of corporal punishment via, the cane, the pump and board ruler and the numerous slaps, knuckled heads and twisted ears...but we were a tough bunch to control it has to be said
Hi Lawrence I remember you from school days you were a friend of Tony Fleetwood and Billy Gibbins and Robert Smith and Charlie Salt to name few you all came from around Camden Street area if memories serve me right RSVP please.


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The opening of the school in 1883 as reported in the Buckingham Advertiser - a new Birmingham school built on the classroom system would have been a significant event. Viv.

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Hi Vivien, I am doing a conservation project on icknield street school. I came across this site and thought I might find some background information and came across this article. The joy of reading it, would it be possible if I could get a copy of this article? kind regards Devinder


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Hi Devinder. The article was copied from eBay. As it was over 2 years ago, I suggest you copy the article from post #41. Good luck to you all with the project ! Viv.


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Although the newspaper archive does have copied of that publication, it does not have that year


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pretty certain my dad went to this school it would have been around 38/39 when he started there although he was evacuated to wales for a couple of years..when its safe to visit the library again i will see if they have the intake records