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I would like to share this with you.....


Burbury Brummie
I would like to share this information with my friends on the forum.

My heart goes out to the parents of our armed forces because in a very minor way I am now witnessing the worries that parents have when there children find themselves in areas of potential harm.

As parents, both Paula and I are worried as our son Tom flew out last night from Heathrow to Amman in Jordan which is bordering Syria.

It is one of those times in life that all parents go through when we have to let our children 'spread their wings' and do something that causes parental worry....... In saying this, our feelings are somewhat mixed as we are also very proud of him for wanting to travel to this part of the world to help those in need during a time of crisis.

This humanitarian trip to Jordan was something that he really wanted to be part of, as he will be one of only 14 Coventry University students who were selected for the Majid AlSadi Changing Lives Programme. This programme involves students working with to rejuvenate the physical, educational and cultural experience for deprived Jordanian orphans and deprived children. This venture is a partnership between Coventry University and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s and aims to improve schools and childrens learning across Jordan.

Sorry to have ranted on so much as I am more than sure that everything will be fine and that he will have some wonderful memories to divulge to us when he returns? :courage:



Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
Hi Mabz:Good luck to Tom. He is doing something he really believes in and I hope everything will be fine.

lynne webb

master brummie
Hello Mabz, Although a great worry for you its a wonderful experience for him and so worthwhile. All the best to Tom and his fellow students.


I can understand your concern but I am sure Tom will be fine. So looking forward to hearing his stories on his return.


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hello mabz my friend how long is tom away for??...i dont think it matters how close or how far our children decide to travel we always worry until they return safely..thats what we do...we are forever parents as all of us know...it was the same when our rachel went off to usa for a 3 month visit but she met a lovely man..decided to get married and is now a full citizen..we must let them go with a good heart and try to hide our concerns...ive met your tom on a few occasions and hes a fine lad with a good head on his shoulders and i wish him and his friends all the best on this trip and i am quite sure he will return with much to tell you and paula...ps my tom is only in wales for a week travelling round but i wont rest until he returns at the end of the week lol..

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G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
Keith I am sure he will be fine but you are bound to be anxious. I bet you are a very proud dad that he is only one of fourteen students to be selected for this project?. I know I would be!. When Tom returns you must share his experiences on the forum and of course photo's too. Jean.:peach:


No apology needed Mabz and no rant in my book.

Great news when someone does something positive and fulfilling.



master brummie
Mabz how very proud you must be - we may only be a small island, but we still have a heart. God bless him and his safe return. Carol


gone but not forgotten
Tom is just one of a whole generation that is too often and unfairly maligned. It's good to advertise the good side of young people today instead of labelling them all the same as the no good minority.


Burbury Brummie
Thank you all for your kind, reassuring comments. Sorry Lyn - Tom is away for 11 days

He has a varied and packed itinerary and if it wasn't for the current crisis within this region I would be extremely content that my son would be witnessing all the things in life that I would love to witness?

Today Tom was working in the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash with Palestinian refugees and tonight they have a formal dinner and meet with a member of the Jordanian royal family.

Tomorrow he will be working with Save the Children in the Zaatari refugee camp with Syria refugee orphans.

He then has a few days of cross cultural activities with various organisations/institutions which includes visiting Petra on Friday - how wonderful (I have always wanted to go there). Then on Saturday and Sunday he is involved in cross cultural UNHCR International Day of Peace activities with fellow students from the University of Jordan including taking part in a Amman local radio broadcast.

On Monday morning they are visiting a working farm near Ghor and interacting with Jordanians field workers and then on the afternoon the group are involved in a Jordanian television current affairs programme.

Tuesday they are going to the Dead Sea with Jordanian University students for some interactive relaxation and swimming - finishing off the day viewing the sun set over Israel.

The remainder of the week is spent with various charities and institutions working with refugees, orphans and the less fortunate. As you can see, these memories will llive with him for ever.......

Isn't it incredible how things are different these days.......... My memories of when I was his age was a visit to Rhyl in Wales !!!
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master brummie
Hello Mabz. I know how you feel, when my daughter did something similar first time 6-7 years ago. I was like a cat on hot bricks for weeks.
Looking back it was a fantastic opportunity and life experience that lots of people never get.
Although it is definately tough on parents (who are close) I would not change it for the world.
It helped her grow at a young age, also it helped us to get used to her being away which we did and this was healthy.

It wasn't easy but experiences away in a different place sets you up for later life.
It's good that we are caring parents even though its sometimes tough too.


Kentish Brummie
What a wonderful opportunity! I'm sure the the memories and experiences of the visit will stay with him for the rest of his life. Getting young people out to these places has to be a good thing (for them and the people of that country), despite the worries for those back home. Viv.


gone but not forgotten
Nice pictures. It's great to see so many young people enjoying themselves by helping others. (Hey, that's some stretched limo behind them in the first shot, eh?)


gone but not forgotten
Nice pictures. It's great to see so many young people enjoying themselves by helping others.

(Hey, that's some stretched limo behind them in the first shot, eh?)​


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smashing pics mabz..thanks for sharing them with us and well done young tom