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How does it Know?


Brummie babby

I'm new around here. This is my second post.

See my avatar? I didn't set that up. It is the avatar I would have chosen: I use it on many forums. It's an etch-a-sketch of actual me.

My question is: how did birminghamhistory.co.uk find / obtain / install it for me?



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Welcome, It’s because you have used it on other sites and have uploaded it to Gravatar (dot com)
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Brummie babby
I'd forgotten I even HAD a Gravatar account! How can Gravatar "know" my birminghamhistory username? It must be linked to email address? Thanks.


master brummie
I think that once open an account with anything on a computer, your details are out there and almost anyone can access them and "they" know exactly who you are and what your are. So it's a good idea to give as little info as possible, even with social media sites. Have you ever noticed how ads pop up and they are always ads for products you have looked at? This is because computers remember what you are interested in and sort out ads just for you. Can't hide much from anyone these days.

A Sparks

master brummie
Yes, it's quite scary!
I use FB mainly to see what a few friends are doing and info on exhibitions, galleries and a few things like local history I'm interested it but I get 'friend' suggestions from it for other people I know - it can obviously access the phone numbers on my smartphone.


Brummie babby
Oh, I hear you. I was amazed how many stunning Russian babes were busting to meet stocky, balding 50 y/o British men off Redditch direction. :-|

By the by, it' still reasonably scary when a service you signed up for (Gravatar) out-of-the-blue suddenly does what it's supposed to do! Hence the question.