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How Do I Find Further Canal Boat Information For Alcott Family, Wolverhampton


Proud Brummie!

I have recently had some certificates sent me regarding my Mom's side, the Alcott's who have a history of canal boating back to the 1700's.

My Granddad, Oliver was born in 1915 on the "Sutherland", Hay Basin, Broad Street, Wolverhampton. His father, my Great Grandfather, Albert is on his birth certificate as a canal boatman.

When my Mom Beatrice was born in Wolverhampton 1936 Oliver was down on her birth certificate as a canal boatman for carrying company.

On Oliver's death certificate in 1940 he is down as a Wharf Labourer for coal merchant.

I know it is a long shot but I would love to find any old photo's of the canal boats Oliver and the Alcott Family before him lived on and the companies they worked for but I don't know where to start?

Can anyone help me?




Staff member
hi frank what an interesting bit of your family history that is thanks for sharing it with us...living and working on the canals fascinates me but alas so far i have none in my family...there are books out there dedicated to the canals so you may try that...i have a book somewhere if i can find it i will go through it..in the meantime we may have other members who can help you with some photos..



Proud Brummie!
Hi Lyn,

Thank you and you are welcome. It is my dream to live on a canal boat or at least holiday on one, never say never hey?!




master brummie

A couple of sources you could try. The Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port hold a lot of documents, and will do a "paid for" search if you can't get there. Or try
John Roberts
52 St Andrews Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands B75 7UH
Snail mail only, and send a 9" x 4" SAE. No fee but donations welcome. Over the years, has collected a lot of data on boat families.