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How Do I Find Downloads On My Computer ?


master brummie
Could anyone tell me how I find my downloads to my computer ?

Well it will help us to know what version of Windows you are on, and what you have downloaded.

As has been said above, there is a "Download" folder which will be in My Documents on Windows XP, and a "Download" folder in your main personal "folder" on Vista.

However downloaded files can be downloaded almost anywhere.

If you know the name of the file (or part of the name) you may be able to find it by searching on it.


Brummie yes ! Novice no !
If you use File Save As from your browser - it will automatically default to the last file saved location.
You can then see the directory path where the last file downloaded was saved. Hope this helps.


master brummie
Thank you all so much for your replies, as you can see I am far from being a computer wizard but with all the help from each of you I have found those downloads that I wished to see. Once again Thank You All.