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How did they get their names?


master brummie
Derrick, welcome to the Forum, I cant help you with the names, but you are in a wonderful place for help and guidance!

Hello Everyone
I'm a new member venturing my first post so be gentle!
My Great Grandfather lived on Hockley Hill and probably frequented either The Grand Turk or the Benyon Arms which were not far away. Does anyone know how they got their names?
There are many Saracen's and Turk's Heads and these probably refer to the Crusades and seem improbable, and Hockley is a bit far away from the Caribbean Grand Turk!
As for the Benyon, that's just as much of a puzzle because I've noted the Benyon Estates are in and around London.
I've looked at the various websites that deal with pub names but drawn a blank so far, so if you have any ideas fire away!