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Hospital Street

Elaine Hadley

knowlegable brummie
Hi Moss, not sure if you saw my reply but do you know how old my dad was when he moved to hospital street? Also do you know what year the evacuations happened. Thanks


Brummie babby
Wonderful picture. Huge difference! Here is the corner today. Hard to believe it is the same area
hey there im new here and im here for a university project looking for old pics of newtown could you or anyone with a picture please could you attach the picture of what that used to be..... sorry to bother i just couldnt find it in the forum. thanks a lot -lishani
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proper brummie kid
hi all. thought i would post a couple of pics of hospital st for you. may be of interest to those who had ancestors living there..... i only found out a few weeks ago that i myself did. not sure if ive put the 1st 2 on before maybe under another thread. ive looked but cant find them.

ha peter them were the days all right. glad the pic was ok. i had ancestors in 1903 back of 46 new john st west.

I too had ancestors living in hospital st. My great grandad, William Toon, I would love to see pics, sadly he died in 1918 in action, whilst in France. Leaving my great grandma Leah, with her 3 sons, my grandad samuel Toon and my great uncles, Albert and william Toon.
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master brummie
Couldn’t find a thread for this pub; St George’s Tavern in Hospital Street/Tower Street, so posting it here. This was it in 1961. If you know of a thread, please let m3 know. Thanks. Viv.
Vivienne, a great picture but I'm a little confused. Is it an Ansells pub or a Mitchell & Butlers? It seems to be advertising both.
I can't ever remember drinking in a pub, even a free house, where they sold both.


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Yes does seem strange to show both breweries. Afraid I can’t explain, maybe someone else knows. Viv.


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If you put the names of the street in the search box (click on search at top RH corner of page) then you should find the photos you want


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Hi all,
New to the forum. It has been fascinating searching through the Hospital Street Thread.
I am researching family members who lived in Hospital Street in 1841.
The surnames Cashmore, Parkes and Ashford all appear.
The Family of Barnett Thomas Parkes were at 43 Hospital Street, initially shop keeper and milkman then Milkman...until 1881. I am hoping to see either a photo or map of the location.
My 3x great grandfather James Ashford married Lucy Cashmore . They were living at 89 Hospital St in 1851. James was involved in the coach building business. I wonder if there was a factory/ premises in the area. Thanks so much in anticipation


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Welcome TAP. You’re in good company as several members either lived or have relations connected to Hospital Street. Hopefully someone will be able to help you. Meanwhile enjoy the forum. Viv.


Brummie babby
Hi, my grandparents lived on Hospital Street from around 1914 onwards. Unsure when they lived their until. Their surname was Griffiths, Nan (Alice Griffiths) used sell secondhand shoes in the front window of the house and take in washing. I think they lived in one of the courts but unsure which one. Lots of children. Ken, Ron, Eva, Sid, Gwen,Priscilla, Horace (Knocka) who all grew up there. Looking for any information or pictures. Grandad was gassed in the war and had a horse and cart and collected unwanted furniture from the better areas of the city and resold. Great to see so much information on here.