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Hospital Dudley Road


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I have two cousins, whose birth certificates state that they were born in 1935 and 1937 at 77 Dudley Road. Can anyone confirm whether or not this address would have been the City Hospital?


knowlegable brummie
Yes, it was 77 Dudley Road. My grandfather died there, and my younger sister was born there in 1963.


master brummie
My Mother worked there in the early 1950's non-medic I hasten to add . In a cleaning capacity I think, when I did get a bit older my Mother told tales of leeches as small as anything being taken down to the theatre ocassionally ,then being returned to the lab huge gorged on the poison they had sucked from some infected wound or somesuch . As a kid in the 50's I used to conjure up mental pictures of what these leeches would look like after theirb trip to theatre .


Master Barmmie
The change may have come about in March 1994, when 20 new health trust boards were set up in West Midlands.


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being of the old school i still call it dudley road hospital which will be demolished in the near future i believe...my 4 children were all born there

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Beryl Hayes

Brummie from down under
I live in Australia and had a doctor in my local hospital tell me he used to work in Dudley Road Hospital. My brother was born there in 1956. I was born at home in Alum Rock.


master brummie
Hi Pam started my SEN training 1967 DRH. It was a new course ran by the Nursing School I was in set 3. Many years later did a conversion course for my RGN at Wolverhampton University , but nothing really measures up to the DRH nursing school way back then.


master brummie
Hope this gives you all a chuckle with all the doom and gloom.
I started my SEN training now defunct in 1967at Dudley Road Hospital.
I remember that we were observed doing a bed bath before they let us loose on our own,
2 green as grass trainee nurses, I male patient, I bowel, 2 flannels.
I flannel face, upper body. Change water, 2 flannel lower regions, and legs.
Lower regions ask the patient if he wanted to do the task himself.
So far so good.
I was washing, the other trainee wiping, patient I guess 50’s recovering very well from a heart attack.
I ask after changing the water I asked the patient do you want to wash lower down, no problem, you can.
I looked at the other nurse our faces were a picture, you sure I said , no carry on.
I hasten to say it was a very quick wash, and dry.