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Home movies of Birmingham in the 1960s

Terry Pearson

proper brummie kid
Hello! I have recently uploaded several new versions of my YouTube home movies which I have re-copied, using improved technology to give better picture quality. I hope you will find one or two items of interest ... the films are mostly silent 8mm home movies from the 1960s including films of King's Heath, Tulip Festivals in Cannon Hill Park, King Edward VI Camp Hill Grammar School, Wrestling at the Embassy Sportsdrome, South Birmingham Cine Society Garden Party and various other subjects. I have left the original uploads in place as I didn't want to lose the accumulated view counts - also as a comparison for picture quality. This is a link to my YouTube channel which I hope I am permitted to post in this forum ... Terry Pearson's YouTube Channel


Staff member
hi terry its perfectly ok to post your link to the home movies...i will take a look at them tomorrow when i have more time...thank you



master brummie
I looked at the clip on the "last day at Camp Hill, July 1963". I left two years earlier but certainly recognise three of the teachers: Cholmondeley (headmaster), Cleak and Drysdale. Brings back lots of memories. Thanks. Dave


master brummie
Enjoyed watching your "Camp Hill" films, I left way back in 1958. I think I saw Messrs Marsden, Drysdale and Appleby.