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Holyhead Road


master brummie
Between Crocketts Road/Sandwell Road & Station Road looking towards Birmingham. The old New Inns pub (now flats) was the big building on the corner in the modern shot.

Sheila Harris

Brummie babby
I was born in Church terrace 1956 and lived there until 1973 at number 1 Church Terrace then we moved to Junction road when the regeneration took over in 1973. There is Holyhead school standing there now where my house used to be. There was 15 houses in the terrace. You walked out of your front door onto a path then crossed a dirt path to get to your garden. You could look over the fence at top of garden into the police houses. My best friend was Chinder Pal who lived at number 2.My mom used to manage the Launderette opposite the New Inns in the shops there. She managed it from the early 1960s to 1988. Before that it was a florist shop and she worked there too. She was known as Aunt Joan to most of the kids who came in. My grandfather was a policeman at Thornhill road Police station but lived in church terrace. His nickname was Bronco Morgan and he died in 1952. This was just off the Holyhead road opposite the Social club which is now a temple. At the bottom of Church terrace was a cafe. The New inns pub used to be beautiful and I went to a few dances at the Princes suite even though I was young I got in!! . We used the Gardeners social club that was opposite the New inns. The junior school, St James school was in Brewery street then a new one was built in Sandwell road. I was one of the first pupils transferred from the old school to the new one. Hated it there. I can remember those years better than recent years as I moved away in 1974. I went to look at the road recently and many memories came flooding back so if you need any info about that area I can probably let you know the answers.


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Welcome Sheila. Some lovely memories you’ve given us there. I am going to move your post to an older thread about Holyhead Road which you might also find interesting,