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Hms Ship The Royal Cullis


gone but not forgotten
I Am Trying To Find An Old Thread Of Info;WhichWas Given ToMe Avery
Long Time Ago,And I Think It Was An Old Thread Given To Me BY My
Dear Old Freind , Or Should I Say Our Old Freind Cromwell
A Site AND A Down Loaded Picture Of HMS Cullis I Think It Was Around The Late 1800,S To The Early 1900,S And The Thread IncludedOther Ships ,
And For The Love Nor Money I Cannot Think Or Find The Site
So If Possible I Would Like To Asked Any body If They Could Put Me In TouchWith The Site Its The History Of The Royal Navy Battle Ships And The Hms Cullis Is On It And Thats The One I Really Want
Thanks Every One For Your Time In Reading This Request
Best Wishes Astonian ,;;;


Astonian, You will find it is the Q ship H.M.S. Cullist sunk Feb. 1918


gone but not forgotten
Nice To Hear From You Again, Many Thanks For Helping Us Out On This One
I Have Left An Open Date In My Diary For Our Special Day Down At The Fleece
When You Are Avaiable To Make It , Many Thanks Again Crom; Best Wishes
Look After Your Self ASTONIAN ,;;