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HMS Daring


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The latest ship to be affiliated to the City of Birmingham, HMS Daring Type 45 D class Destroyer.
Super ship built for stealth.


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If you're into the Navy, here's a great site someone else put me onto. I've been able to get the "official" service histories of HMS Berwick and HMS King George V both of which my dad served on during WW II. He was on the Russian convoys to Mirmansk on the Berwick and in the Pacific with KGV.




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Dav id thanks for that link, I will look at it tomorrow, I have been trying for ages to find details of HMS Mallard which was torpedoed just off Plymouth? about 1943, Ray's dad was badly injured in the incident, but like most of us as a child and young man he didn't ask enough questions. I'll let you know if I'm successful.


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sylviasayers, Photo of Corvette HMS Mallard, did your husband go into a secondhand goods shop on the Coventry Rd near Lily Rd?. Len.


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Lencops, thank you so much for posting the information and photos of HMS Mallard, Ray is really thrilled, although we still can't find anything about the bombing of the Mallard - not torpedoed as I posted, we are not sure of the year. BTW Ray could well have gone into the secondhand shop near Lily Road, do you know when or him?

Thanks also to David Fowler and Frothblower through the links they posted we have also found photos and information on other ships he served on - he joined the Navy about 1920 and was a sub-mariner on HMS Rainbow, and also served on HMS Caledon and HMS Broke, that we know of. We would like to send for his records but unfortunately haven't got his service number, so we are doing it the hard way.


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sylviasayers, SS Mallard was torpedoed 1940, it was a cargo ship then, the name was used by the Royal Navy on an E-Boat and named HMS Mallard before the end of WW2. Len. Re my question about your Husband i mixed him up with someone else, sorry, Len.


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slylviasayers, two more photos of E-Boat P34, HMS Mallard 1939, cruising and when laid up in 1946 with HMS Kingfisher. Len.


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Great replies for Sylvia. It's amazing how much info is turned up on all kinds of subjects. Very interesting to read all the replies.

Re King George V battleship affiliated with Birmingham. https://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-01BB-KGV.htm I remember going to Portsmouth with my family and being taken on a tour of this ship. I am not sure which year it would be but probably close to 1950.


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Len thanks again for the new photos of HMS Mallard I have printed them off.
I have been told the Mallard was bombed just outside Dover, I am going back to the links members have provided as I might find the answers I'm looking for.


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i recently found an old letter of my dads uncle (albert edward hatfield) that he wrote to his sister (annie rose hatfield) dated jan 14 1940. he served on the hms daring and this letter was sent just a couple of weeks before the daring was sunk in norwiegan waters on 18 feb 1940 and he lost his life.

Dave M

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HMS Daring enters Pompey Dockyard
and a Good Luck message
Thanks to a shipmate & a army friend for the the pics