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HMS Arrest


master brummie
I am a member of the WW2talk forum and some one there is trying to find out what happened to cause the deaths of two men. The CWWG headstones state they were killed on 14/6/1943 and the ship is named as HMS Arrest. Rumour has it she was a boom defence vessel at Rosyth.
I have spent almost a week searching the web but can only find mention of this ships name at the CWWG site. Meticulous lists of RN vessels make no mention of her, no entries regarding an accident involving the men are to be found.
I wonder if any of you ever came across HMS Arrest on you travels. I cannot even find a picture of her. She may have been one of the many fishing vessels called up to serve in the RN and so would perhaps have not warranted a second look compared with a full blown warship.

Dave M

Pheasey Born Bumper
Found this


Base Ships - COCHRANE, COCHRANE II, both at Rosyth

Accommodation Ship - KILLARNEY at Rosyth

Boom Defence Base Depot Ship - ROOKE at Rosyth

Boom Defence Vessels - ARREST, BARFAIR, BARNEHURST, BISHOPSGATE, all at Rosyth, DR LEE at Leith, IMELDA at Rosyth, LOCH LONG at Leith, MARTINET, MILFORD DUKE, NATAL II, all at Rosyth, NIGHT RIDER at Granton, SONNET at Leith, STAR OF THE REALM at Granton


master brummie
Thank You Dave, its just amazing how BHF comes up with this stuff. To think I wasted almost a week of candlegrease without effect. Thanks again.