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Hit a brick wall


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I have just had a quick look at the St George's thread, mainly at the war memorial. I was disappointed to find one of my rellies not recorded there, he died in Belgium and is recorded on the Menin Gate. Prior to him joining up, he was living in London (1911 census), I don't know if it was temporary, but his parents lived in Lennox Street. Was there a church nearer to Lennox Street that his parents may have attended? I am a little bit lost in that part of Birmingham, I have to say.

st mathias church on the corner of wheeler st and farm st shortie....long since gone im afraid...here is a map of the area...



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Thanks Lyn. One of my other lines used St Matthias, and I know it is long gone, but did not have much of a picture about where it actually was.

Ta very much.