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Herringshaw Transport

Can anyone help in my quest for information about a road transport company, Herringshaws Road Transport, or some thing similar. They came to Birmingham in 1932/33 or so from Sheffield. The owner was called Harry Herringshaw and my father Bill worked for Herringshaw's from about 1926 in Sheffield.

Herringshaws prospered and opened a depot in Birmingham in the early 1930's. My father was asked to transfer to Birmingham with the opening of the new depot, which he did. He moved to Birmingham and at one time lived in Johnstone St.

It is possible that it was Harry Herringshaws son who moved to Birmingham to run the Birmingham operation. There was an article in the Courier of Leamington Spa in 2004 about the 100th birthday of a Daisy Herringshaw, who was probably married to Harry's son. The article mentioned Herringshaws depot in Sheffield, and a tram stop outside the firm which is where I caught the tram to go to school. Daisy talks of moving to Birmingham to start a transport business.

I managed to identify Herringshaw's in Kellys in the mid 30's, but I can't remember how I did it.

Herringshaws telephone number was Aston Cross 3131, I remember that from conversations with my father and from the full page add they had in Kellys.

If my memory serves me right, they dissapeared from Kellys as a transport company about 1948, which was about the time road transport was nationalised, but appeared as Herringshaw Steel with the same phone number. about the same time.

My father said that when the depot was officially opened there was a report in the local paper, (Idon't know which one) and a photo, I would love to hear any information anyone may have about any of this, a trace on the photo would be a godsend.

He left Herringshaw's when he returned to Sheffield to register for military service only to be told as a long distnce lorry driver he was in a reserved occupation, but since he had 'left' his job in Birmingham he was not allowed to return to Birmingham, and was drafted to the Emergency War Transport Scheme, which is why I and my younger sister were born in Sheffield, while my older sister and an older brother (who died only a few days old, and I believe is buried in Whitton Green Cemetry), were born in Birmingham.

I was born just a few hundred yards from Herringshaw's depot in Sheffield, not far from Sheffield Wednesday's ground (which is in Owlerton, not Hillsborough), but from what I can remember they were a steel company. By then it would be mid to late 40's so the transport side would have gone anyway.

There is a reference to Herringshaw Steel in a post dated 3 July 200 by Dereklg in his reply to a post about commercial vehicles, he refers to Herringshaws Steel being in Arley Road, but I dont know if the early days of the transport company were based there.

Any information would be more than welcome!


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From Kellys:

1932-1939 (no details available earlier in 1930s)
H. Herringshaw & Son , motor transport contractors, 139 New John St
H. Herringshaw & Son , motor transport contractors, Pritchett St
1955 -1964
Herringshaw Steels Ltd, steel merchants., Pritchett St
Herringshaw Steels Ltd, steel merchants, Saltley Trading Estate

I do not have Kellys for dates at end of 1920s up to 1931, so cannot say when they came to Birmingham. The New John St address was one or all of the pink buildings on the map c1937, though there does not seem much space for buses there, so possibly they also used what seems to possibly be opne ground at back, marked in yellow. Later the Pritchett St address was the building in blue , marked on a c1950 map as "garage"

Thanks for that, It seems Herringshaws were not put out of business as a transport company in 1948, but carried on a lot longer than that. I wonder why they gave it up?
I didn't know they were in Birmingham in 1932, but it is along time since I was in Kelly's.
I wonder if I will ever track down the photo?

Thanks again, much appreciated!

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Hello Bill
I worked with Harry Herringshaw in his Steel Stockholding business in Aston from 1953 to 1975, when it was sold to Thorn Electrical.
More to follow, if you are interested.
Ted Tunnadine

Susan Linda

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I just found this foMy maiden name is Susan Linda Herringshaw Wright. I am Harry and Daisy Herringshaw’s grand-daughter. I have some photos, articles and even a binder from Herringshaw Steels Ltd.


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Herringshaw entry in the 1931 Birminham phone book. They are not listed in 1929 or 1930.Herringshaw 1.png


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Electoral Roll for 1935 gives, for premises at 139 New John Street, Duddeston: Harry (the elder) and Kate Ellen Herringshaw home address 93 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield: Harry (the younger) and Daisy Beatrice Herringshaw, home address 11 Lakeburst Road (this should be Lakehouse Rd), Erdington: and Arthur & Elsie Herringshaw, home address Orme House, Wheel lane, Grenoside, Sheffield. Hope this is of use.


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I just found this foMy maiden name is Susan Linda Herringshaw Wright. I am Harry and Daisy Herringshaw’s grand-daughter. I have some photos, articles and even a binder from Herringshaw Steels Ltd.

hello susan linda welcome to the forum...it would be great to add any photos and articles ect about herringshaws....is there any chance you could scan a few and post them on this thread please....thanks :)

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Susan Linda

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I have created a "book" of H. Herringshaw & Sons and Herringshaw Steels, Ltd., from photos and information I have from my Grandad and Nan, Harry and Daisy Herringshaw and my mother, Marion Herringshaw. Harry passed away in 1969, Daisy in 2008 and Marion in 2010. The file is too large to attach here, so if anyone would like a copy, I would be happy to email it to you. My email is [email protected]
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