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Herbert Road Small Heath


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She certainly did not re-marry and moved to Gloucester in 1954. However, the start date of 1941 was from a email from her son 6 or 7 years ago and it says "circa 1941". Her husband died in 1941, but did she immediately move out of the Stonebridge Hotel? I have no idea, nor do I know if she lived somewhere between Meriden and assuming control of No. 61. Certainly the name Stubbs does not feature in my family tree. The only name connected with her during this time was a married couple with the surname Blake, who lived in the same area. They were just good friends. That's the extent of my knowledge.

Now, would Keiron (midlandpubs) recognise this place I wonder?

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Hopefully Kieron will see the “Where is this Ansell’s pub” thread Maurice or might even give us one or two clues. Viv.


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My great grandfather, Thomas Ward, moved to Herbert Road with his children around 1911 & he remained living in the road until his death having lived in a couple of different houses there. His unmarried daughter, Lily Ward, remained living there until her death in 1962 when she was aged 75 so you could well have seen her whilst you lived there Cliffe. She always wore a black eye patch having lost an eye in her younger years. There were tales told that she lost it whilst abroad working as a missionary when a burrowing insect ate her eye away but the truth was that she got kicked by a horse really.
As to Bastock's old property in Herbert Road ~ that was of interest to me cos my grandad used to go there as a young lad where he had got to know the stable hand & he used to help look after the horses & do the mucking out. He also used to help wash the old glass hearse carriage in readiness for funerals which earned him some pocket money.
I was just wondering ~ have you got any old pictures of the old sweet shop by any chance?
That's interesting - my great-grandfather and namesake, John Browne, lived at 151 Herbert Road, having moved from Whitmore Road after 1911, and lived there until his death in 1925. Maybe our great-grandfathers knew of each other or were neighbours. I know a lot of the buildings in the road have since been demolished but I'd also love to see what it looked like at that tme