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Henrys & Oasis store


master brummie
My wife Sheila worked in the shoe dept at Henrys in union st 1964.I seem to remember Henrys as a single storey building at the bottom of Lower Bull St in the 50s.

Maria Magenta

master brummie
I have no clear memories, but I associate Henry's with crockery. Wish I could remember Lewis's roof garden!

Oasis....! I bought several nice frocks from there, also a ring made of green glass. It was dark and , er, mysterious. Happy days!


Gone, but not forgotten.
Two photos here one of Henry's store in the corner of Martineau St and High St and the other later store next to the tax offices in Union Street. I think there was another store on the High Street before the one in the photo, but it might have been in a slightly different location.



It could be....I've got this (false?) memory of a tiny bridge.
It look terrifically dangerous!
Thank you,
It does look dangerous too, Maria. Just imagine being a motorist and having a swimsuited glamour girl plastered over your windscreen due to having taken a wrong turn up there!


Staff member
Yes i remember Oasis it always smelt of burning insents :roll: I loved the clothes i used to like the indian stores cheesecloth shirts and blouses and embroidered tops, velvet trousers, Little coffee shops, record stores, people used to leave them unatended and very often you would have to wait ages for them to return imagine leaving anywhere now there would be nothing left when you came back :cry: Bangles and necklaces very much an Indian theme, lots of faded denim, yes it was definitely the place to be seen on a Saturday. It is such a pity that there are no photographs of such places to bring back happy memories, i looked for ages the other day for one of the Plaza in Handswoth as it was in the 60s but to no avail. :cry:

i loved oasis...the way out hippy clothes etc....its still there today and i think i am right in saying that the singer boy george once worked there..



master brummie
hi I worked at Henrys for a few months in the staff canteen loved the shop didnt like the job, remember C/A LOVED that shop Acer


master brummie
Yes shirley I remember all those I used to drink in the hole in the wall. I worked at Henrys in the staff canteen. Do you remember The West end dance hall I loved that place dancing round our bags and the squirt of perfume from in the toilet, my favourite was tweed Ha Ha jenny