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Henrietta Street Ambulance Station

Discussion in 'Ambulance Service' started by Two, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Two

    Two master brummie

  2. mick mcgrath

    mick mcgrath proper brummie kid

    These photos bring back memories, I lived in Hanley St number 8 .I am sure that the window inbetween the two buildings is my attic bedroom mick m thank you.
  3. Astoness

    Astoness TRUE BRUMMIE MODERATOR Staff Member

    hi two what cracking photos you have posted...not seen them before..thanks for sharing them with us...oh ive just noticed whites iromongers in pic 4...still up and running...i passed it today

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2013
  4. Astoness

    Astoness TRUE BRUMMIE MODERATOR Staff Member

    hi mick i was just looking again a pic 3...would you or anyone happen to know what the building was on the left of the pic...no longer there though

  5. Dave Ed

    Dave Ed master brummie

    Hi Lynne, if I remember correctly it was the Woolpack an Ansells pub

  6. Astoness

    Astoness TRUE BRUMMIE MODERATOR Staff Member

    hi dave i should have realised it could have been one of the pubs on the lane and yes you are quite right it was the woolpack which looked a lovely building...ive just learnt something...



    Last edited: Jul 31, 2013
  7. 205mal

    205mal master brummie

    Fabulous photo's of the street as it is known amongst ambulance staff.I started my ambulance service career there in March 1968 before moving to Bristol Road Station.I wonder if you are able to forward the photo's to the virtualambulancemuseum.com I am a director of the ambulance heritage society and the photo's would be a wonderful addition to the museum archives Malcolm
  8. captblack

    captblack master brummie

    Hi Malcolm
    I have some pics of Bristol Rd and Monyhull that were taken just before they closed, as well as some of the Street , although they are recent in a few years they will be history. Would gladly forward them to yourself or the AHS
  9. 205mal

    205mal master brummie

    I would appreciate any photographs that you are able to supply.I was only at Henrietta Street eor a few weeks before tran was there for 33 years and then spent the last 11 years of my service at Monyhull.Malcolm
  10. brumgum

    brumgum Proud to be a Brummie!

  11. maypolebaz

    maypolebaz master brummie

    Back in the 90s, on our way back from a long distance transfer, we came off the M6, looking for fuel. We were directed to a station in the city. When we found it there were undesirables hanging about in the street and the entrance to the station was behind some large doors. Having contacted Metro control, the station staff were contacted and they let us in. I allways thought that it was Henrietta St we'd been to but the photos show a different place. Does anyone know which depot it was that we'd visited ?
  12. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    I am just wodering where you said you came off the motor way
    of junction 6 to reach henritta street and the ambulace station ;
    way back in the ninetys yes your picture on google is henriteta
    which i know and good old female friend of mine was working there
    and she still does work at the controller for the ambulance services
    but coming off the m6 is a long way away from there where you are
    did you come off at west bromwich or the m6 at frankley and down
    the hagley rd west into brum city ; i remember the old station
    and i can recall thoses new gates being arrectived so may be you have got a little confused of the motor way exit
    please enlighted us with more info ;for us to established where you came off was it on the m6 and onto the m5 before exits or what
    best wishes Astonian;;
  13. 205mal

    205mal master brummie

    It would be useful if you could remember where the pumps were situated. At Henrietta Street access to the station was via the rear and the pumps were located on the right hand side next to a large roller shutter door. It is possible that you were taken to the rear of the station which was the normal practice.
  14. maypolebaz

    maypolebaz master brummie

    I'm afraid I can't be certain where the pumps were, my mate was driving at the time. I seem to recall we were in the Great Charles Street area, for what that's worth. While we were waiting to be let in, we were jokingly saying how the place looked like Fort Apache, The Bronx. The crews in the station were very friendly, though. At that time their uniform was separate green shirts and trousers, whereas we were wearing one-piece coveralls. Sorry I can't remember more.
  15. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi maypole
    you most certainly got it to a t; your location was correct if you was in the grt charles street area and when you came down and beared right you would have come to it as that would have been the nearest petrol garage to grt charles street at that time but i am just thinking on your approach around that period and the given area and late of a night you would have seen the vagabonds dossing around on the corners because it would have been the very old sally army house
    and there used to be old toilets there where they used to doss as the sally army house could only cateur for about twenty people in those days plus there was a little cafe where they could doss late of a night till morning where they could get a sarny from the saly army it was dark and spooky many ime in the dark ages i have walked down there late of a night feling weary my self as i was going home to victoria rd when i was young and single but at that corner of the street there was a garage but i cannot just think of the name of it they was sharks i can just vizualize the gage but some reason i think it began with the itials j then later it changed there name or these new people took over i beleive these people are still there so may be thats where you got your petrol from across the rd but saying that i do not think they was not open till very late eveningpossibly about eight or nine oclock it had a fair size fore court they uesd to have the old taxies standing on there for repairs i would love just think of the name as i had an old car repaired there and i got ripped off as i said they are no longer there is is firm whom are operating today well known whom took over today they have red and white pick up lorries and they also have a garage inwest heath by the man in the moon pub but its posibl that you may have crossed over and asked the ambulance station for help when you found this garage closed as i say it would have been less than a 100 yards across the way best wishes Astonian
  16. maypolebaz

    maypolebaz master brummie

    Thanks Astonian, you've got a good memory ! No, wherever this station was, the pumps were inside the gates.
  17. 205mal

    205mal master brummie

    The pumps at Henrietta Street station are inside the rear gates,but I have to question your reference to the uniforms worn by the staff. Since green became the recognised colour for uniform,the WMAS has only ever worn white shirts and green trousers.Before that the colour was French navy blue.Malcolm
  18. maypolebaz

    maypolebaz master brummie

    Well thanks for straightening me out about Henrietta St. As for the uniform, well the memory does play tricks, (specially mine !). Keeping with matters Ambulance, whatever happened to The Renault Five ?
  19. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi maypole
    you are correct in what you have stated about the uniform and the garage across the rd which repaired all the old taxie
    for the birmingham taxies was jamesons they done all the repairs and mot for the old tavi brigade way back then the old taxis
    so he would have got is petrol from where you said and not across the rd as i thought it may have been jameson never sold the petrol to the public it was for there use and filing taxies have a great day best wishes Astonian;
  20. 205mal

    205mal master brummie

    Hi Baz,I think the renault 5 are still out on bail. I have to admit that you have got me, could you please elaborate. Malcolm

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