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Henley Street Sparkbrook


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Hi everyone,
My father was born at 1 back 96 Henley Street in 1912, I have trawled through hundreds of images but cannot find any that cover this area, (it's virtually on the bend where it meets South Road). There was also a pub there called the Woodman Inn (2 South Street) where I believe my grandfather was a barman at the time of 1891 Census, anyone know of any photos of this pub?
Fingers crossed for some good news


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Hi Smithsquared,

I've only just seen this thread, here is a photo of Henley St and also one of the Woodman. I'm almost certain I have put these on the forum before. Have you tried a search?


Sparkbrook Sampson Rd- Henley St 1964.JPG Sparkbrook South St Woodman.jpg


master brummie
Coming to this late, sorry.
I have just found out that a relative had a sign writing business in Henley Street, just up from Stratford Road. Finding this information out reminded me that I used to see a sign - Vincent, Sign Writers - hanging from one of the walls as Mam and I went past on the 37 bus. If anyone could help I would be most grateful - this information came from a relative in New Zealand, amazing how small the world has become!!


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In Kellys (Note, date refers to year before year of book, which is publication date)
No mention in 1904
1908-1923 Wilfred Vincent, signwriter, 261 Golden Hillock Road
1933-1940 Vincent & Son, signwriters, 261 Golden Hillock Road
1943-1947 Vincent & Son, signwriters 156 Stratford road
1949-1957 Vincent & Son, sign makers. 156 Stratford road
1958 W Vincent 156 Stratford Road Listed just as private address
1961 Vincent & Son, signwriters, 33 Henley St.
1962 -1972 Vincent & Son, signwriters,. 70 Stratford road .
Not mentioned 1973.
The electoral rolls list a Wilfred Vincent as being at 261 Golden Hillock Road from 1912 (details not on line before that) till 1939. Not in 1945
Wifred Joseph Vincent is at 261 from 1935 -1965 (later results not online, and not all years between 1912-65 online either)


master brummie
wow! You two have blown me away! What a wonderful response.
Thank you mikejee - you really are a super moderator!
Thank you Radiorails, that is so very interesting. I don't know where you found that article but I am really grateful.
I shall say the usual thing - makes me wish I had taken more notice when me Mam was talking (reminiscing).
Thanks again