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Help With Census Please


master brummie
Morning Lyn- The article was January 1914 and I think it was later in the year when the two youngest Claude and Violet were baptised with an address of "children's home ". Then Frank was killed in action in 1917 so goodness only knows where the children went. According to MWS they stayed in Somerset.

A great find, not nice reading though. And probably not uncommon. Seems to imply that the relationship began after the of Henry's wife.

The children appear to have remained in the South, not going with their mother.

Redvers married and died in Taunton area, 1949.

Edward died unmarried (I think), registered in Exeter in 1939.

Violet married in London and then moved to Wiltshire, Trowbridge area. Died in 1995.

Claude married in Crediton area and death registered in Exeter, 1971.


master brummie
It is a sad story but it adds to the picture of life for Elizabeth. You can see why they moved miles away. The thing I find heartwarming is that Henry stuck by her - even knowing the story. You can also see where she got the idea they might take Dorothy away #26.


master brummie
Oh wow! I missed these posts not long after I posted my asthma got out of control and was ill for months. (asthma back under control now though)
D day brought me back on here and on ancestry today.
going to read the other posts and add info to my tree. thank you so much you are all amazing and helped loads :kissing_heart: