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help wanted please...


Staff member
hi all..i have already found the family i want on the 1861 census but for some reason there are no street numbers..and down the side it appears that it says no names no numbers although it is difficult to read..i wonder if anyone could have a look for me to try and unravel this please....

the family are william and emma allwood..william born leamington spa 1837 and emma born stratford ..2 children james and hannah..

the street given on the census is villa st but like i said there appears to be no numbering...

many thanks for any help given.



Exiled Brummie
Hi Lyn, just looked and on the page before your William there's a break in Villa Street and it shows Prosperity Row (what a great name and probably quite ironic) and then 2 pages later, Nursery Grove. Maybe MikeJee can help with one of his maps to locate just where your people are?