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Help the Heroes


gone but not forgotten
I would just like to say that in our generation of today we have given a lot of thought about our old comrades of yesterday warwe call them Hero,s
Which is true and we must not forget them,and must continue to do so,well it appears that this help the hero,s was not just started now
Nor with the idea as we do today's collections
But this idea must have came from two older gereration, in the first place way back in the world war one in 1916
I have a book called Birmingham in camera it is packed from cover to the cover of the books of many pics of old Birmingham
I have come to page 77. And there is in black and white two men in suits whom are meat market traders
And they are passing with a donkey and cart both men standing apart from each other one at the donkey end the other at the cart end
And the cart is Laiden on a slab with packs of meat also on this cart is a very large picture of a wounded soldier
With back date around his head and an arm in is sling the picture of the man as big writing down each side of him
Saying Help him Now and underneath him across the board saying Great meat Sale Friday August 11 the 1916.
Its adverising a sale in the aid of wounded soldiers in August 1916
So that got me thinking about our yesterdays and our way of thinking of today so even in those days people was kind and true comradeship

And today many years later we are thinking and helping our lads so this idea of selling and collecting for our help the soldiers was really thought of all those years ago
Incidently the picture includes these two guys with there names and they was Messrs,,Webster and bullock meat traders in the market

So I thought our help the hero,s aunt the first idea , still great I think but I felt I. Needed to mention it but let's all carry on with our Help The Hero,s
Best wishes Astonian,,,,,,o