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Help needed with WW2 records Please


master brummie
II have received the records for John Richard Bytheway who joined 6/6/1935 address 146 Cole Valley Rd Hall Green. 6 years with colours and 6 years reserve... TA 5109005 2nd Royal Warwickshire..

23/1/1937-31/3/1938 India
1/4/1939-10/6/1941 India
11/6/1941-22/6/1943 looks like Pairform
2/6/1943-7/10/1944 Home.

Would some one be able to tell me during the dates 11/6/1941 -22/6/1943 would he have had home leave.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. ( this person is not living now )


Engineer Brummie
A bit puzzled by 'Pairform' as I can't find any relevant reference to it. Could you post an image of the word?