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master brummie
Wonder if someone could help or point me in the right direction. I have just received a death certificate for John Jeffery who died 1845 in St. Peter, Derby which states that Thos Jeffery was present at the death and he lived in Canal Street, St. Peter, Derby. I am trying to find out what relation he is to John, is there anyway I can find out information through his address?


gone but not forgotten
Hi stars43
I am surprised they have not got it down on the certified, because I have two or three of death certified,
Of my great grand father and great grand mother and on both occasions
It stated whom was present and whom reported the finding of the dead person to them
And AS I have said those whom was present stating daughter in 1946 and the one in 1935 as daughter
So unless the times have changed from doing g it I cannot say
But there is real experts on here in postion to tell you more may be best wishes astonian


You may find the info on census records for Derby. As this is a Birmingham site you would have to search Derby...Good Luck.

John Young

master brummie
Hi Stars,

Adding to Wendy's good advice you could also try www.dfhs.org.uk/ Derbyshire Family History Society

These Society's in every Region /Shire are always most helpful in assisting a search for one of "theirs",

And for your interest Canal Street, Derby, is very central near the Railway Station off the London Road

a short walk from the Central library if ever you go on an exploratory trip there,

Good Luck John Y


Ex-pat Brummie
A quick look at the Derby Censuses shows that he was a 25 [?] year old unmarried engineer apparently living with George Ward & family in Osmaston Road, Derby St Peter in 1841. By 1851 he was married to Hannah with a 7 year old daughter Sarah Ann working as a railway guard and living at 10 New Street, Derby St Peter. He appears to have been born around 1822. I hope that helps.