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Head Post Office (Sorting Office) Birmingham


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The I worked at the Head Post Office Hill St. from 1970 until 1972. My job was to maintain the small electric vehicles that towed the wheeled cages of mail down to New St Station.

I was wondering what happened to the tunnel that led from Hill St to the station? If it is still there it must resemble something from a horror film!

Subsequently I was transferred to, what is now The Mail Box, the PLSO (Parcel and letter sorting office) in Severn St.. Here there was a much more sophisticated tunnel to New St.

It's construction cost one third of the budget of the building of what was the largest mechanised sorting office in Europe. I presume that tunnel is still in existence?

It's sad that Royal Mail had to abandon the trains in favour of road haulage as the trains (BR) didn't provide a reliable service.

I remember an old timer telling me there was a pneumatic tube made from lead from old Head Post Office to Hockley (Jewellery Quarter?). Does anyone know any more about this?


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I'm not sure what really ended the use of the tunnel but I remember having to ride out on the van Christmas 1978 and throw bags onto the train at Curzon Street. Maybe that was just parcels but, if they were using that as the loading point, you could see why they'd stop using the tunnels.


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Worked at head office on parcels from 82-84. 2-10 And dreaded overtime 10-6 at CurzonSt.and back for 2 o'clock.Killer.


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I have a khaki coloured version of that lamp. Presumably red ones were Royal Mail and the khaki/green, were Post Office Telephones.


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Fulton currently manufactures the flashlight in varying color combinations, often to designate a special use or model. Most of these variants are also available to the civilian market through retail sources:

  • Olive Drab (military, US Army or US Marines)
  • ACU Digital Camouflage (US Army)
  • Yellow tailcap and nosecap with a black body (Industrial, explosion-proof)
  • White tailcap and nosecap with a teal body (Telecommunications)
  • Grey (military, US Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Guard)
  • Black (law enforcement use, military subcontract)
  • Khaki/tan (military, US Army, US Navy, or US Marines)
  • Woodland Camo (military, US Army, US Navy, or US Marines)
  • R A F Yellow.
  • Royal Mail red
  • Olive Green British army
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