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Haynes family

K. Haynes

New Member
Hi my name is Kim Haynes. My fathers name was Gerald Haynes born 1936 died 1995. He had 12 siblings. i am trying to find out a little about my grand father Frank Haynes i heard he died in the war. Ive never seen a picture of him. My grand mother never remarried. My father had brothers and sisers some of his brothers were named Harold, Lesley, Ronnie i cant remember the names of any others. Can anyone help?


Staff member
hello and welcome...do you know when your grandad was born or better still his full date of birth...i take it he died during ww2 ?



master brummie
Possibly grandfather was Alfred James Haynes.

Gerald F Haynes, reg Bham 1936 mmn Reaney.

Other Haynes/Reaney children - Alfred J 1914, Lillian L 1915, Florence C 1917, Maud E 1919, Harry 1921, Arthur T 1922, George E 1924, Violet M 1926, Harold W 1929, Leslie 1931, Ronald F 1933, Iris E 1935 & Brian R 1938.

Only Haynes/Reaney marriage listed is an Alfred J to a Lillian F Bham 1913. There is note on freebmd giving his name as Alfred James and her names as Lillian Frances, marrying 11Oct 1913.

There is a death registered for an Alfred J Haynes of the right age in Bham, Mar qtr 1939.