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Hannah's Greetings Card Wholesalers, Lozells


master brummie
I'm trying to trace Hannah's Greetings Card Wholesalers of Lozells, who I understand had premises off Lozells Road, maybe in the vicinity of Burbury Street.

My mother worked there in the early 1950's, until 1955.

If anyone can tell me the address of their premises & any other information about the business, I would be pleased to hear.



knowlegable brummie
As soon as I read the name, it rang a bell, I think NOT 100% sure it was in a big house on the corner of Lozells Road and Finch Road, somewhere close to Crowder and Brown.


master brummie
Thanks Kathsutton 46 & sospiri.

The location at 2A Lozells Street fits in with what the location my mother described - near to Lozells Road & near Burbury Street.

If anyone has any more information about them, or even a photo, that would be great.