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Handsworth History & Astonbrook through Aston Manor Links


master brummie
Can we still access the Birmingham History i.e. Handsworth, Aston and other areas? The many memories that were written up by members and submitted.
Is that a separate web site now? :rolleyes: Mo


master brummie
Looking for help I have just finished the new look www.handsworthhistory.co.uk site would like a feed back and some input from members stories and photographs new and old, any input would be appreciated you can e-mail me or message me.
Would like to thank Mike Ingram and Jamal from Nibs solutions Aldridge for many hours of help.
John H

The Baron

master brummie
Nice starter for 10 John,it looks good to me.I bet when you get more feed back it will be another site to bring back all our memories.
As an ASTON BOY I thank you for all you did for this site too.


master brummie
Looks very good - I am looking forward to seeing more memories and pictures on there - which I am sure you will receive. I enjoyed reading about the Church and the cemetery - I have family that were married there and burried there so especially interesting for me.
Polly :)

Key Hill Brian

Proud Brummie
Superb looking site - well impressed.

Robert Lucas Chance & most of his family are interred in Key Hill Cemetery, His uncle is in Warstone Lane Cemetery.
The cemeteries are not closed for NEW burials - only closed for the sale of new graves. Burials are still occuring in existing graves.

11 out of 10 for the website


master brummie
I've just spent an hour looking and like it's excellent layout, the stories, and particularly the links page. I haven't got much I can say about Handsworth, my main contact was going to Handsworth Technical School well commented about on the BHF. Just for information, I'm using Linux and Chrome with no display problems.

john knight

Nice site John, brilliant links page, one small point, at the bottom of the links page return to top has the 'p' missing and the link does not work, sorry to be so pedantic.


Ex-pat Brummie

Looking good and worth a visit for the fantastic list of links! (Virtual Brum needs removing though!) :)

Maurice :cool: