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Handsworth, Birmingham links with Arras, France. WW1


Boys' Brigade Brummie
On a recent visit to the WW1 Wellington Quarry museum builtinto part of the tunnels under the city of Arras, France I discovered apostcard in a display cabinet in the entrance which may have a connection tome!
The card was written from Bert Holloway to A Clarke, No.1 bk 72 Booth StHandsworth B’ham on Tuesday 20
[SUP]th[/SUP] June 1916 (see photograph).
My dad Robert William Clarke was born 11[SUP]th[/SUP]January 1905 at back of 104 Booth Street, Handsworth and his dad Robert WilliamJames Clarke had a brother Albert born 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] November 1881.
Could this be the A Clarke Bert’s postcardwas written to?
I am sure some of thesuper investigators on this site can find out more about the back to backs inBooth Street in the early 1900s and maybe even who lived where.



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As requested Rob, below is a map c 1917 showing the position of back 104 in blue, and what muat be no 1 back 72 in red. There is Eliza & Archibald Ernest clarke in the 1920 electoral rolls at 1 court 1 Booth St. this appears to be the same as 1 back 72 above, though the order in the electoral roll list is a bit confusing



master brummie
Hi Rob1abb,
In 1901 at 1 court Booth Street, is
Clarke, John Henry, 42, Tramway Labourer, born Wolverton, Bucks
Clarke, Eliza, wife, 47, born Dudley
Clarke, Charlotte, mother, 64, born Wolverton, Bucks
BEARD, Archibald E, adopted son, 4, born West Bromwich

In 1911 at No 1 bk 72 Booth Street is
Clarke, Eliza, widow, 56, Charwoman, born Dudley
Clarke, Charlotte, Mother-in-law, widow, born Wolverton, Bucks
Clarke, Archibald, son, 14, born Dudley

So it would seem that unfortunately the A Clarke on the postcard is unrelated


Boys' Brigade Brummie
Thanks for your investigations lindyloo.
Yes, my cousins, who have researched our family history, came to the same conclusion yesterday.
I am sorry I have no links to the postcard, but the visit to the Wellington Quarry museum, walking through the tunnels under Arras and seeing the artifacts, films and stories of the events of early 1917 were more poignant after reading that card.https://www.greatwar.co.uk/french-flanders-artois/museum-wellington-quarry.htm
Once again many thanks. Rob


master brummie
Hi Rob, You're welcome :) ....it is a shame that there is no link to the postcard, that would have made for an amazing coincidence, but at least it enhanced your visit and made it more memorable.