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Hall Of Memory


master brummie
Another painting of the Hall of Memory, date unknown (believed to be about 1930), will be my 5th painting for our meet raffle. I wish it looked like that now ! EricHall of Memory 5.JPG


Staff member
eric i just love it and like you wish it looked like that now...you are being very generous again with donating your painting for the xmas raffle...is that the 4th or 5th one??



master brummie
Its 5 so far, but I'd like to give the organizer(s) one for organizing the meet (which I enjoy). Not sure whether its Vicki or Penelope or both. Yes, I can remember when it looked like that, why it was altered I do not know nor understand why. It was perfect as it was, lawns, trees, flower beds, paths and seats, what more can you want? I will probably paint a couple more, at my age I don't know how many more meets I'll be able to attend especially if I stop motoring. Eric


Ex-pat Brummie

That's just great and more or less how I best remember it from my time, with grass and the old Civic Centre, in which a few of my Council employee friends worked while the rest of us were in the Council House Extension in Congreve Street. :)