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Guy Fawkes Night.....Memories


OldBrit in Exile
I have posted this before I think, a photo of a wood Jeep that my Dad GOD bless him, made on a fretsaw for me one Xmas. No running down to Walmart to buy some plastic toy that would fall apart and end up in the trash bin. The PILLOW CASE at the foot of the bed, Eddie you made an old geezer cry. What memories and the joy at getting things that you would cherish for years. Wonder what will in be in MY pillow case this year?? Ho Ho! John Crump OldBrit Parker, Colorado USAJeep Dad made 001.JPG


The firework "season" seems to have started even earlier this year, last night the whole grden lit up and there was a huge bang followed by a series of less noisy ones.

Robert Ensor (bob)

master brummie
"Light up the sky with Standard Fireworks" the jingle on tv, standing out side the post office "penny for guy" some old clothes full of news paper and that card board mask.

We use to build a bonfire across from the 41 bus terminus on Longbridge Lane right behind a couple of blocks of masonetts so one year I set of a rocket and the bottle moved and the rocket shot up into some one's balcony and just keep going in the corner then it did its rocket thing and exploded all over the place, problem the poor woman had her washing hanging on the balcony I can still remeber running so fast to get away.


master brummie
What are your special memories of Guy Fawkes night?
For me it was buying the fireworks over time and storing them a shoe box...(Wilders..Standard.etc) Such anticipation.
Mum would aquire one of dads old suits and we would make the GUY....
We would collect anything burnable for weeks for the fire..(not sustainable now *s*}
The big night would arrive.....Several familys would get together.
Mum would make spuds in jackets....Dad would tend the fire......Your front would roast and your back shiver and the next morning we would search for spent rocket cases as the smoke still hung around in the air......
What wonderful memories..
Great memories...….