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Greyhound Racing


master brummie
I think a lot of the cockney slang was shortened. For example Barnet (Fair) for hair, or even doubled up, and this should get me banned...

Aristotle...Bottle....Bottle and glass....????....nice bottle!
Pedrocut slightly digressing , one of the great things about living in Aston between 1976-1996 was I used The Paddock public house , where a friend of mine used to give me complimentary tickets for Perry Barr Greyhound on Saturday night , it was a great night out


Master Barmy
A good night out, and children really enjoy it. Unfortunately many tracks have now closed and most of those left are under the control of the large bookmakers and run for off track markets. Probably a race every 10 minutes from 1000am to 10pm.

Still, the meetings during the day are free to enter and you can take the kids.


proper brummie kid
Hello Pedrocut - Thanks for finding those pictures - that's brought back a few memories. I think that I recognise a couple of people from the March 1979 photo - on the left I think the small man might be Trainer Brian Jay with parader Sandra Whitehead but the 1978 picture I don't recognise anyone I'm afraid. Do you have any more?